Sunday, September 28, 2008

1) Magic Animals

This might take a while. It's a long story!
It might be done by November. I hope you enjoy it when its done.

hapter ONE

"I can't wait for the Summer holidays!" Destiny said to her two best friends, Cornelia and Avril, on the way to Cornelia's house. "You said that a zillion times today." Avril said. "No, a zillion and one, I think." Cornelia said.

"Sorry, guys. I just really can't stop saying it!" Destiny said. "That's OK. So, what are you guys doing?" Cornelia asked. "Nothing exciting." Avril said. "Same." Destiny said. "Why don't you guys have a sleepover at my house? It'll be so much fun!" Cornelia suggested. "OK! And after that you guys can come to my place!" Avril added. "And then mine! This is going to be a good summer after all!" Destiny added. As they reached Cornelia's front gate, they saw Cornelia's Dog, Taffy chasing it's tail. "Hi boy!" Cornelia said to Taffy. Taffy wagged it's tail and licked her shoes.

They went inside the house and said hello to Cornelia's mom, Mrs Bryans, who was holding a basket of laundry. "Hello. How are you girls? Come and get a drink. There's orange juice in the fridge." Mrs Bryans said, pointing to the fridge. "OK, mom." Cornelia said, opening the fridge and getting the orange juice. "Oh, and mom.." Cornelia began explaining about the sleepovers. "I don't see why not. After all, it is the Summer Holidays." Mrs Bryans said. "Yes! Thanks a million!" The three girls shouted. "See you girls later. I'll be drying these clothes if you need me." Mrs Bryans said, walking up the stairs. Cornelia poured the orange juice into three cups and they went to Cornelia's room. The walls were a bright sunshine-yellow and the curtains were duvet-pink. There was a big bed in the middle and next to it was a cupboard filled with barbie dolls and stuffed animals.

The girls sat on Cornelia's bed and talked. "So, what are you guys doing tomorrow?" Destiny asked. "Nothing." replied Cornelia. "Nothing," replied Avril. Destiny Laughed, "You can't do nothing!". "Oh yeah? Watch this." Avril said, then she just kept on staring while sitting still. "W-what the.." Avril said when Cornelia and Destiny hit her with pillows. "Pillow Fight!" They chorused.

Chapter TWO

Destiny woke up with a sleepy yawn. Then, the door opened and Cornelia and Avril burst in. "Morning!" They both chorused. "Morning," Replied Destiny. "What are you guys doing?" "We're gonna go to the shops! Wanna join us?" Avril asked. Destiny got up immediately, "You bet! Just wait until I get changed." "OK, we'll be downstairs waiting." Cornelia sang. Destiny got changed quickly and ran downstairs. "Morning, honey. Cornelia and Avril are waiting for you outside." said Destiny's mom, Mrs Johnson. "OK, mom. I'll be back by 12." said Destiny, grabbing a bag with her wallet inside. "OK, honey. Have a good time." Mrs Johnson replied. "OK!" Destiny shouted, running out the door.

Destiny had a lovely time with her friends in town. She had just bought a new CD and a sparkly hair clip. They passed a store with the sign "Magic Animals". "That's strange, I'd never seen this store before." Avril said. "It must be new." Cornelia said. "Let's go in and check it out!" Destiny suggested. "OK!" Avril and Cornelia said. They went inside and saw many cupboards full of cute stuffed animals. "Aww.. They're so cute!" Avril said holding a toy Bunny. "This dog is even cuter!" Shouted Cornelia. " I like this one." said Destiny, holding a toy Kitten. The kitten seemed to sparkle with silver sparks and had the prettiest midnight-blue eyes. "I'm glad you girls like them. Do you girls want to buy them?" said the shopkeeper. "We'll buy them!" The girls chorused.

Avril and Cornelia paid for their stuffed animals first, while Destiny looked at the other toys. "We'll be waiting outside!" They called. "OK. Be there in a sec!" Destiny called back. "I'll buy this, please." The shop keeper turned, "Ah, the kitten. This kitten is very magical, you know. It comes with this book." The shopkeeper said, taking out a book and showing it to Destiny. The book was purple and glittery. It had almost over 100 pages! "That's a thick book." Destiny said. "Yes, but you'll know why. You can go to many adventures with this kitten. Come back when you finished the book." The shopkeeper said, her eyes twinkling. "OK.." Destiny replied. This might take a while.. she thought.

Chapter THREE

"Magic Animals, Chapter One," Destiny began reading the book that the shopkeeper gave her that night. "Magic animals are animals that can transform into anything. They first start with a stuffed animal until a child says the magic words. To know which is a magic stuffed animal, the toy must have silver sparks and sparkly eyes of emerald, ruby, topaz, sapphire. The colored eyes represent the powers of the animals power. If it's emerald, its powers is plants. If it's ruby, its powers is fire. If its topaz, its powers is light. And if its sapphire, its powers is water." she read. "That's strange, my toy has silver sparks, but it has midnight-blue eyes."she said to herself. "Magic animals, Chapter Two, The most powerful animal has midnight-blue eyes. It has the power of everything, including a new power, dragon. Although powerful, they are very rare. There's only a few in the whole world, so that makes it very powerful." Destiny read.

Destiny gasped. She continued reading it. "Magic Animals, Chapter Three, Magic animals must be kept secret to the people who don't have magic animals. Magic people and magic animals can travel together to everywhere in the world at night where everyone is asleep. To have a magic animal come to live, the child must say the magic words: Star light, Star bright, Make my animal come to life!" Destiny read the last page. She held the toy kitten and said the magic words, "Star light, Star bright, Make my animal come to life!"

There was a bright gold flash and where the toy kitten had stood, was a real white kitten licking its paws. The kitten looked at Destiny and went up to her. "Hello, I'm Sparks. Who are you?" "Y-you're R-real! A-and you c-can t-talk?" Destiny asked, shivering. "Yes, all magic animals can talk." Flame replied. "I-I'm Destiny." she found herself answering. "It's an honor to meet you." Flame said. "Stand back, please." Without saying twice, Destiny stood back. There was another gold flash and the cute kitten transformed into a majestic white lion. "Yes, it is me, Destiny. Do not be afraid. I just made myself big so you can ride me. Jump on my back and lets go." Flame said. Destiny jumped on Flame's back and held tightly.

Flame jumped out the window. "Aren't we gonna fall?!" Destiny yelled, but to her surprise, Flame floated in mid-air. "Wow! This is so cool!" Destiny said to Flame. "Yes, it is, I suppose." Flame said. Flame and Destiny flew to the middle of the woods to see lots of magic animals and people. There were cats, dogs, bunnies, monkeys, snakes and all sorts. From above she could see people chatting and laughing. As Flame flew down, people stopped what they're doing and gathered round them. "I see you're here." said a familiar voice. The shopkeeper appeared and saw Destiny. "Hello, I'm glad to see you with your magic animal. We haven't actually met last time, I'm Rachel. My animal is a bunny, which I had years ago." She said. Destiny looked at the sapphire eye bunny. "I-I'm Destiny. My animal is a kitten. He has midnight-blue eyes." She said. The people gasped. They whispered in each others ear.

"Good day to all." Flame said. Rachel tapped Destiny's shoulder, " Now, Destiny, why don't you make some friends with the others?". "OK." Destiny replied. Rachel lead her to three girls who looked about her age. "I'll leave you girls alone to talk. Bye!" Rachel said. Destiny took a breath and said "Um.. Hi. I'm Destiny. Who are you?"A girl with shiny blond hair wearing a designer top and glittery jeans said "Like I'm gonna talk to you? Buh-bye!" then she walked away. Another girl with a pretty face and brown hair said "That's Tess. Tess thinks she's Miss Perfect. Don't worry about her. She's mean to everybody. Hi, I'm Claire." She said. Another girl with a pretty face and shiny blond hair said "I-I'm Crystal." "So, what do you guys always do?" Destiny asked, sitting on a rock. "Sit and stare." said Claire with a giggle. Destiny laughed, "You can't just sit and stare!". "So, what can we do?" asked Crystal. Destiny snapped her fingers, "I know! Let's go and explore!"